Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Scenes of Invisible

Scenes of Invisible | Environmental Installation and Social Art Project | Andor Village Rajasthan India | Chiman Dangi 2010

The village of Andore was filled with cries of laughter and happiness as the children participated in my installation,indicating a new activity and garnering the attention of the public. The previous night I had sprinkled colourful pigment powder on the ground around piles of rubbish and written hand made signs of the village name 'Andore' pointing into the garbage. The next day the public gathered, looking inquisitively at me as I continued going around the village casually circling garbage areas with the local pigment powder and placing 'Andore' signs. Initially there were some raised eyebrows, awkward and confused reactions to this action. The villagers were curious to know why a pile of garbage was being associated with their village name. As the onsite installation replicated around the village, they soon got involved. After some introspection the underlying social message dawned on the villagers. The local authorities and community worked together collecting all the rubbish lying around, signifying the success of my project. Not only the villagers realised how lovely it is to live in a clean environment, but the village was now ready to welcome all the guests participating in the “Sowing Seeds” international art residency.         

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