Thursday, March 21, 2013

Falling Between Time

Falling Between Time | Chiman Dangi INDIA - Brydee Rood NZ 2012-2013 | An ephemeral collaboration sited in a popular meeting spot in front of the Baba Ramdev Temple, beside the shared water access point and at the entrance of the Sowing Seeds International Artist Residency

Falling Between Time intermingles material reflection, the elements (light, air, water, earth) and the traditional processes of spinning yarns. It is a village custom to collect recycled fibres (old saree cloth, animal hairs…) and typically older men would gather, telling tales and spinning yarns to pass time socially. Amongst other uses, these yarns would commonly be reused to construct the stretched surfaces of wooden bed frames, a bed made from this process would last around 30 years compared to a bed stretched with new, cheaply available plastics and synthetics, lasting only for 2 to 3 years. 

The site became an intersection for social gatherings and dialogues within the created habitat. The collected recycled yarns were dangled and strewn high, falling low to the earth from the ample limbs of a Baniyad Tree, highlighted in the reflective puddles, echoed with the colours of local pigments pooling in the silver foil plates placed around the base of trunk. The ritual combination of elements, looping nature, circular patterning, spinning and rounding of the delicate installation suggests life cycles and support structures within a shifting environment.

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